Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

i find the best way to pass an upcoming test is just to be passionate about your classes and pay attention when you need to. Ive never once studied for a test and i get mostly perfect scores on them if the class is something i care about. the only times ive ever felt unprepared were in classes i didnt think was very important. i think the key to being intelligent and consequently passing test is just to value the education your recieving. if thats the mind set you go into class with the information will stick and youll be ready for any test thrown at you. if you dont value something then youll never be able to succeed in it. you cant simply throw something head first into a situation they have no connection with, theyll fail. you cant make an honest man a killer unless he wants to be. the way to get through test and school is to stay flexable and open minded to foreign information. Take everything you hear as something important you can learn and youll definitely be able to succeed.

joshua from Texas
High School Senior