Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My best test preparation practices are making it a game. What I do is I make note cards. On one note card I will write the word I am trying to remember. On a different note card I write the definition. I do this for all the terms I am trying to learn. I then lay all the cards upside down. I draw one card and lets say I got a definition. I read the definition and then I try to remember the term that goes with it then I draw another card hoping that it is the term. If I draw the wrong term I lay both of the cards back down but I try to remember where they are. I draw again and repeat the process. If i draw both correctly I check it on my study guide and then I lay the cards together to the side of the game till I have found all the correct definitions that go with the term. This has always been one of my favorite games as a kid although I played it with Scooby Doo cards instead, This really helped me study my terms better and longer.

Bailee from Missouri
High School Senior
Carl Junction High School