Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Tests. Oh, how frustrating it is when you "study" yet don't get the grade you want. I've learned the hard way, that studying doesn't mean listening to music and spending half an hour looking at your notes. It means finding a quiet, secluded area where you won't be bothered, turning off the blaring music, and writing and re-writing your notes.

Being in a quiet area will change the way you look at studying. Without loud music pumping, your brain has less work to do because it only has to focus on what one voice is saying. YOURS. The lyrics to songs will draw you in and you will find yourself singing the song instead of saying the words on your paper. Not good. Also, if your in a quiet area, people won't be around (hopefully) and they won't be able to bother you and stop to talk to you about the latest news.

I've learned that re-writing your notes that you took in class is a great way to get information engraved into your brain/memory. When you re-write them, you are hearing them again so they'll stick better. Also, use flash cards. This way, you will be re-writing your notes and also not peeking at the answer because it's right beside the question on your note page. You have the control on where you eyes go because the answer is on the other side of the flash card and you can't see it unless you flip it over.

It also means studying days before your test. This way, you aren't cramming in information the night before, which is proven to keep LESS knowledge in your head the next day. Also, studying the right before you go to bed. This is my main practice. Your brain will store the last thing you studied and you will remember it much better/clearer the next morning. There are so many ways to study and those above are only a few of my favorite ones.

Lexie from California
High School Senior
Hillcrest School