Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Some of my best test preparation practices are studying with classical music playing. I don't really know why this works but whenever I listen to like Mozart or Beethoven it just seems that I am about to focus more on the task at hand. Whenever this music is playing I seem to grasp on to what I am reading or studying whether it be formulas for studying for math or vocabulary words for English whenever I am listening to that type of music I seem to have more of an understanding of the content and in some cases I am also able to remember what I studied better. Another thing that helps me in preparation for a test is flash cards, little cards that narrow down each of the points that will be on the test it helps my narrow it down to understand it better instead of reading from the book where everything is jumbled up and hard to read. So those are the 2 test preparation practices that I have before I take a test or study for a test.

Noah from New Mexico
High School Senior