Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When studying for math my favorite and most successful way of studying has been repetition. Doing the same types of problems over and over again has helped me be very successful in math. This is because I am a hands on and visual learner so this type of studying helps my strong suits and is my favorite way to study for math test. In English for vocabulary test you can almost always find mock test of the words online so I usually do those. If I can't find those mock test online than I ether get one of my parents or friends to help me study. I do this by looking over the words first for a while than I have my friend or family member say the word and I tell them the word and its part of speech. When studying for science test is very similar to studying for math test I look over the material we need to know and memorize what it is and what it means. I will also try to take mock test online. Another way I study for science test is we usually have some sort of form online that I can use or have my science teacher print me out a study guide. For my junior and sophomore years of high school I had a culinary class. For this class we had huge two day test usually around 200 to 100 questions including vocabulary safety measures and other things. So in oder to study for these massive test I would look up the subject we were talking about in my text book and I would take notes in class. I would study my notes tell I knew them like the back of my hand. I would study by looking over the content than asking appear to ask me a question about the subject. In culinary class we also had to learn how to do certain knife cuts. So in order to perfect my cutes I would use many different fruits, starches, and vegetables to help me learn how to cut on different consistency's and make my cutes perfect. The reason hands on is my favorite type of studying and is because everything is right there in front of you an you really see whats happening. I see what study techniques work for me.

Isaiah from Kentucky
High School Senior
oldham county