Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

To begin telling you, there are many ways in which I am sufficient in preparing for thing such as tests or the aspects of life, but i want to connect you with my most consistent and valuable work ethics that I also use in some cases of my life. The first test preparation I can honestly say is valuable to me and my whole process of life is preparing ahead multiple amount of weeks in order for me to make the test seem like a piece of cake. The time that goes in to this process definitely takes a lot of nights that have gone past twelve am, lots of brain cramps, and so many more struggles with the process of studying for these difficult tests. Yet this ethic that I have slowly over years excelled in has also boosted me in places outside the classroom. For example a couple of months ago I was inducted into the 2018 class of AmeriCorps and at first it was a struggle because I did not understand the process that was demanded at first. Now about seventh months later, I have studied my kids and the habits that help them succeed in ESD, and I can honestly say I could not do this without the skill of preparing for anything that will try to test me in my life. My second skill I use for any test preparation is getting comfortable with the time span that the test might be given, and in this sense I can say that this is probably the weirdest task that I do. In this task I make sure that for the upcoming test I will be fully aware of a set time limit that is in place, and with the awareness of this time in effect I practice what I know for weeks and make sure that I get better with each time session. Now how this translates into my life is the ability to find a valuable time such as at my other job Market Street, and use it to the best of my abilities. As a Dairy Clerk I have to usually close, and with closing there are so many tasks that come with it such as killing back stock, facing, and so on. With time i have developed a better habit of tracking my time and using my strengths

Nicholas from Texas
High School Senior
Tascosa High School