Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My study habits vary from class to class. As an AP calculus BC student, I study for my tests by finding previous AP tests and working on problems similar to what the class is studying at the time. With math, repetition is key. However, for my German class, it is best to study in many different way, three at least. When I study for a German class, I write examples, I read examples, and I speak examples. This simulates an immersive atmosphere the best way, being that I am not immersed in the language 24/7. Sadly, these techniques do not work for a Literature class. In the text based class, the only way to study is to know the material. The best way for me to do this is by reading on schedule, participating in class, and annotating the text. When a test rolls around, I would then think back to our class discussions and read over my annotations to refresh my mind on what had happened in the story.
Along with class tests, there are AP, SAT, and ACT tests. Standardized tests are completely different animal than class tests. For these, you must be confident in the basics. Basic Algebra, basic grammar, and the skills of reading charts and analyzing text are key to be successful on these tests. Additionally, like the math tests, repetition is an exceptional way to prepare. Especially on the ACT and SAT, taking old tests helps the test taker understand the style of questions and how to manage their time better. Time is the "villain" of the standardized tests. Practicing this way helped me learn what I needed to skip or look for in order to help my score.
Each person learns in different ways, whether it is visual, kinetic, or any other way. Personally, I like to incorporate as many of these concepts into my study habits in order to succeed.

Emi from Illinois
High School Senior
Waukegan High School