Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Come test day, I walk into class feeling prepared and accomplished. I'm a very organized person, so I have binders, folders, and notebooks dedicated to each class. The night before a test or quiz, I grab my supplies for the class, and thoroughly read through each set of notes I've taken and all of the classwork I've completed. For vocabulary quizzes specifically, I teach someone the words I've learned, because in reality, if you can't teach someone a topic you've 'learned', you don't truly understand it. Being able to teach others information I have gathered in class will show me what I know and what I don't. For the information I don't know, I put all of my attention on that area. Another way I prepare for tests is going into my text books and reading a few chapters from the lesson I'm learning. It's good to see another point of view from the lesson rather than only listening to what my teacher is saying in the fifty-three minute class time I have. Sometimes after school, l I'll head to the library with some friends to complete my homework since it's nice and quiet. My friends and I will also study together to understand what each person is thinking. This feeds into the whole idea of getting another point of view. That gives me an opportunity to teach them things I've learned in class to help us all understand better. During class, I will highlight key words and/or phrases that I think would benefit me later when studying. This is advantageous for a quick study session right before a test. It allows me to see what I thought was important while I'm given a lecture. As I'm always looking for new ways to study, the methods I've listed above have been most valuable and rewarding for me. To close this essay, I'd like to proclaim my commitment to Marian University in Wisconsin, to study Criminal Justice and play basketball. This is important to me because I have comprehended that all of my studying practices have benefited me, and have allowed me to further my education.

Julianne from Ohio
High School Senior
Oak Hills High School