Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My best test preparation practice is to start studying ahead of time and not waiting until the day before or even two days before the test. It’s best to start studying once the material is given to you and explained by the professor. When the professor explains the topic you’ll have a general overview of what you need to know, then you should go home and read your textbook or notes which will help you reflect on what the professor taught that day and it also acts as a review of what you learned. Reading the material that you were taught that day will help refresh your memory and could help if you have any potential questions you might want to ask your professor. Your textbook could also include more details about the topic which could help you better understand the material.
YouTube Videos can also be very helpful. Sometimes you might get a professor who might not be the best at explaining things and you need somebody else who can explain the material in a way that you will be able to understand it better. Crash courses on different subjects and material are available to watch on YouTube, it gives you different perspectives on the topic and can include animation and different ways for you to be able to retain the material.
Quizlet is a huge help when it comes to having to remember terminology of maybe different parts of the body and their location or function. Quizlet is helpful because it provides more than one way for you to be able to remember the material. It has a game, marching, spelling, and learning. The learning part of Quizlet is what helps me the most because it will keep repeating the term until I know for sure the exact definition and retain the material. Quizlet is also available on a mobile app which is helpful for on the go studying. The flash cards on Quizlet are amazing and are sure to help you remember anything you need to know for a quiz or a test.

Idelis from New Jersey
College Sophomore
Seton Hall University