Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My name is Brianna Berry and my best test preparations practices are flashcards, practice test, and rewriting. These test preparations help me with any subject in school under any amount of limited time on any day. They give me the ideal studying I need to provide myself with the best score I could possibly get. Read further to find out why these are the best preparations skills not only for me, but could also be the best for any other students.
My first test preparation skill is flashcards. Flashcards can help the mass majority of people in remembering certain things in certain skills. Flash cards can help you with definitions, math problems, learning new languages, and just remembering those formulas for your science class. With the ability to right the correct answer on the other side after you answer it yourself leaves you with the best memory mechanism. My second test preparation is a practice test. Where I would write down a fake test as to what I believe the actual test might be like. I would even have a answer sheet so once I am done I can check myself and by my score know what skills or subjects I need to study on a bit more. This can also be used for a variety of subjects. Plus if you make one that you believe the real test would be like you should be prepared for the real one. My last and final test preparation skill and my far the best Is rewriting. Rewriting Is another memory mechanism that can be done by rewriting what you know over and over again and maybe in different sequences to further your memory of the needed subject. This can also be backed up by the practice test in a kind of way by rewriting the correct answer multiple ties after itself over and over again in the desired repeating pattern.
These are just a few of my own loved studying skills and I recommend these to anyone having struggles of their own with studying. From using flashcards, to practice test with an answer sheet, and to even rewriting simple sentences. These helped me the most.

Brianna from Kentucky
High School Senior
Todd County Central Highschool