Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My name is Diana Renteria. I am a student at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College completing an
associate’s degree in Nursing. One of the preparations I use for my class is to take good notes in all my lectures. After class I open up my textbook and go back to my lecture notes and see what we discussed in class and takes notes again. I re-write in my own words to remember things better. I also try to give examples about patients. After completing my notes for one chapter I review what I wrote and try to understand the lecture. The week before an exam I usually have all my notes done for every chapter and I re-read over them until the day of the exam. Being in Nursing school is very challenging, I had to figure out what works for me and how I can pass my exams. So taking notes in class and writing my own notes has helped me tremendously. Another way to start the semester great is by organizing yourself some examples are: calendars, planners, using sticky notes. I organize my exam dates, homework, clinical, skills, time to spend on certain notes, and when to finish my lecture notes. I also make time to have study secession with my classmates. We quiz our self on lectures for our exams, and key points to know. Before I started Nursing school I would make flashcards for all my class, but making flashcards takes up a lot of time. Quizlet is also a wonderful resource to use if you can find one that's already made for that lecture. Using the internet can help you find practice questions so you can prepare yourself for your exam. We had this website called Davis Edge that had over 1,000 practice questions to test your knowledge over the material. Our homework would also help us with knowing the material by giving us a patient and answering certain questions about the scenario. You just have to find something that helps you learn the material and help you pass the class whether its flashcards, re-writing notes in your own words, highlighting material in books, or study group

Diana from Georgia
College Junior
Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College