Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My best test preparation is to study really hard and careful. Then, using work we have done in class, I would look over them for examples. Then I would make my own examples from the internet or the class’ text book. I would complete the examples without notes or any help. Then when completed I would check to see if I got any wrong. Those I got wrong I would focus on them most. I’d make myself get them correct three to four times in a row and would not stop studying until I got them. After I get them correct I would again use examples and complete them without using notes. If I got anything incorrect I would start the process all over. Study the ones I got wrong then get them three to four times correct in a row. I would continue to do this until I got everything correct three to four times in a row. Now I would do this every night until the test was complete. Sometimes this method takes twenty minutes, sometimes it takes two hours. I find it the most efficient because you’re basically banging everything in your head so that when it comes to the test, you cannot forget certain things on the test.

Clint from Maryland
High School Senior
Cambridge South Dorchester