Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Over the years I have learned that there is no one, single test preparation practice that is the best but you must choose a strategy depending on the circumstances. I will talk about the various ways that I have prepared for tests and which preparation strategy I found the best...

Cramming. Every student has done this one day or another. However, I find it best that even when cramming to not sacrifice your sleep to under 6 hours, 6 hours of sleep is fine, but less than that will cause silly mistakes even if that time was used to study more. Something I highly suggest is to arrive outside class early to study the extra hard stuff right before you enter the class to take the test! Overall, I find this boosts my grade by at least a little, and a little is a big difference when comparing a B+ to an A-, for example.

If you do not have to suffer through cramming like many other students... I find the best test preparation practice is actually a semester long run. From the first day you arrive at school you should be reading the first few chapters of the textbook because it allows you to get ahead. By going ahead, everything in class is a review and clarifies anything that you did not get in the textbook. To make this strategy work it is required to stay at least one chapter ahead of wherever the class is. Then, during test week, I find it best to make your own practice problems from how you think they will be framed on the test along with doing some practice problems from the textbook. Even though I said this is part of the cramming strategy, I still highly suggest to study the extra hard stuff right before you enter the class to take the test. I wanted to point out that this has been my main strategy that I have been using for the past few semesters that have caused an upturn in my grades since my mediocre freshman year of college.

Overall, the strategies above might not fit you, they are only suggestions. What works for you, works for you!

David from Virginia
College Junior
Longwood University