Tell us your inspirational story about how you overcame adversity to achieve a specific goal or dream.

I was always good in math, well until Pre- Cal decided to ruin my life. In August, 2013, I took Pre-Calulus Pre-AP. There were many smart kids in that class, but I knew It was going to be a challenge for me the first day I walked in ; however, I knew I could do it. My mom always told me that I'm capable of doing anything I set my mind to. I worked so hard in that class, but by the first six weeks, my grade was standing at a seventy one. I walked to my counciler to go drop that class after I saw my grade, but my gut feeling just told me not to. I listened to my heart. A couple of weeks passed and I was still struggling with that class. I just couldn't understand the material. My teacher went through the material so quickly, it was hard for me to comprehend anything she said. A couple of weeks passed and I ended up getting lunch detention for not turning in an assignment. I was so furious because we had hour lunch that week, I had plans with my friend. I ended up crying at lunch detention one day, and then a teacher came to me and asked me what's wrong. I explained to her that I was on the edge of failing my Pre- Cal class. She sat down next to me and gave me a hug, then she told me she was a Pre- Cal teacher. She started to help with my Pre- Cal homework every day at lunch detention. She helped me everyday in detention to bring my grade up. By the end of the second six weeks , I ended up with a eighty six. I went ditched my friends for the whole year to go to lunch detention to get help from that teacher. I ended up passing the class with a eighty eight. I learned to never give up and to always to keep going no matter how hard the road gets.

Sarina from Texas
High School Senior
Amarillo High School

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