Tell us your inspirational story about how you overcame adversity to achieve a specific goal or dream.

My name is Eduardo Servin, and I thrive for success, but sadly is held back. The reason behind this is not because of incompetence, but simply because of my language skills. Of my peers, I did not learn English as my first language, instead, I learned the language of my heritage, Spanish. Throughout my elementary years, my classes were taught in Spanish until I entered fourth grade. By that time I had already learned the basics of the Spanish language; afterward, I was forced to learn a new language. Fortunately for, I the challenge did not lay in learning how to speak or write rudimentary English, it laid in amalgamating into the culture and its people. Gaining an accent and failing to completely comprehend all the rules of the English language is what resulted from the demanding shift. It has not been a pleasant experience living in a society that criticizes and dismisses people for something they cannot entirely control. This event has occurred much time in my life which, caused me to have less confidence in my voice and to be reclusive from the world. I have developed a fear that my ideas would be condemned and laughed upon. It is understood that public speaking is an essential quality in any field if one wishes to be successful. I overcame this obstacle with persistent tenacity and practice. The challenge was not overcome in a day or two, it took years for me to swallow my pride and enter the lion’s den. Each year for my high school curriculum, I had to complete a project dealing with public speaking. During freshman year I had to read off the PowerPoint with a soft voice, but by the end of my junior year, I looked at the audience and talked with a booming voice. I had to convince myself that even thought my accent would not merely disappear one faithful evening, I could still present my ideas with confidence. It does not matter if a person’s first impression of me is adverse, as long as their last is practical.

Eduardo from Texas
College Sophomore
Texas Tech University

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