Essay Excerpt Applicant School
The best and most remarkable test preparation practice that would be worthy for the …Isela Yes prep northside
Ever since I was younger, I dreamt about going into the medical field. My cousin who…GiannaBlackhawk technical college
Throughout Highschool, I had several strategies that helped me pass almost all my te…AbiFlorida International University
My test preparation practices for me includes fun studying! I lay out my flashcards,…Lilianacalifornia baptist university
Preparing for a test can be difficult for any student. Especially one who struggles …EmmaLoyola College Preparatory
This year my test preparation practices are slightly unorthodox compared to my past …LaciTexas Tech University
If learning is drinking from the fountain of knowledge, then reading a Mometrix Test…RebekahRegis University
Hi there,
I've come to learn that preparing for a test is a very "indepen…
AndreaSolano Community College
To prepare for a test I make that I am first engaged in the class. Before any test y…TaiaAkron STEM High School
In my experience, nothing brings fellow students together quicker than the impending…KennaNorthwest Christian School
I have maintained a 4.0 cumulative GPA throughout all of high school. To prepare for…CallieNorris High School
I have used my go to test prep practice for as long as I can remember. The first thi…RebekahVentura College
Personally, I have always taken testing very seriously and I am constantly scared to…TristaHershey High School
Test preparation practice is an skill I'm woking on exceling at. I belive that g…Navia Manatee High School
Yes I do! If you need straight up memorization. I memorize the first letter of each …SamuelNorthside Christian School
Students who desire to do their best on any style of exam, commonly spend multiple h…AbigailDodd City ISD
Regardless of the level of understanding, tests are still scary. The unknown followe…ChristopherTexas Tech University
When I have a big test coming up I usually am frantic. I usually eat a good breakfas…HannahPearl River Central High School
The test preparation practices that work best for me are a mix of some modern techno…Ashley Minooka Community High School
My test preparation is a common one, however I find it effective. I prefer to study …TylerPlainfield South Highschool
Test taking can be very overwhelming if you do not prepare well. Although if you pre…Bradytarrent county college
I believe that I have very efficient and purposeful test preparation methods. Durin…MatthewCelina High School
TEST! some very challenging for students, some very simple. Although we can all agre…anna spokane falls comunity college
I am someone who likes all my stuff color coded and organized in its place. When I a…NinianLincoln North Star High School
My best test practices are to study hard first three days before test. Then on the …MorrissaVIRGINIA WESLEYAN
“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” -Albert Einst…PaulPasco High School
To prepare for a test, my process begins in the classroom while I listen to my profe…EstherAnne Arundel Community College
The way I prepare for tests is just by studying and focusing on what might be asked.…NasihaReedley College
My name is Kendall Harp. I am a freshman at the University of South Carolina majorin…KendallUniversity of South Carolina Aiken
There are various ways individuals can prepare for different tests. I personally hav…ChristianLake Park High School
To be well prepared for what all students dread – test day, I start studying the sam…CarrollMurrieta Valley high school
When I begin to prepare for a test, it mainly begins with my health. Many people mig…EsmeraldaShadow Ridge High School
Test preparation allows us to identify our strengths and weaknesses, and be more rea…CarlaHamelin Laie International School (Spain)
Mometrix College Scholarship Application

Hello, my name is Dania Rasheed …
DaniaUniversity of New Mexico
As a student who has suffered from test anxiety most of my academic career, I find t…CayleeSouth University
When it comes to test preparation, for me creativity is key. To begin I write down t…Cameron Crafting Hills College
The way I study is by repetitively writing the question and answer about 10 times. I…SarahCalifornia Baptist University
In order for me to grasp any sort of information I have to review my notes that same…HazelCalifornia Baptist University
First I think about where I came from and my chances to end up where I did. Despite …Anna MariaHennepin Technical College
Testing can be quite intimidating considering if it is a subject that is in itself d…TimothyFrenship High School
The quiet room with furious scribbling, pages turning, and a page full of questions …NehaUniversity of Alabama at Birmingham
When it comes to preparing for a test, what matters most are the notes you take sinc…AnthonyThe Ambrose School
I believe that with regular class attendance, participation and the completion of re…HannahConverse College
Prior to each test, I organize all relevant notes, worksheets, powerpoints, and supp…JadeAlbuquerque Academy
Hello, my name is Aurora Andrade and the test preparation that best works for me is …AuroraMerced College
When I prepare for a test, I don't remember things by just writing something dow…ChaseBay City Central High School
I have two ways that I can learn. First, is through reading the material. If the mat…KrystinaAshford University
My test preparation is simple but yet effective. I go over the material I need for t…JontierChesapeake College
As much as you cannot go wrong with the oldest trick in the book, flash cards, the m…AnalisaNolensville High School
Test preparation is a process. Always read the material that your instructor will g…OliviaDreher
Navigating through high school and entering college, I have used a variety of study …KatherineTennessee Technological University
Everyone has a different approach to studying that works for them. Just because some…PhilipCosby High School
“Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Th…MaxwellGaynor McCown
I think i have a great plan to prepare for a test and the plan starts the night befo…KevinCentral Dauphin East High School
In preparation for a test, the most effective ways that I have found to com…KialKellogg community college
My test preparation methods have been working for me since I was in eighth grade. O…ErikaKeystone College
When preparing for a big exam, there are many things that go through my mind. I thin…SkyeLegacy High School
Sierra Dickerson
Spirit’s Demon

Ever had the feeling tha…
SierraLiberty Technology Magnet High School
To be completely honest, I am much of a hands-on learner for sure, but when it comes…JenniferElgin Community College
Honestly, just getting good sleep and paying attention in my classes is all I need t…JoshuaNorth High School (Bakersfield)
What is True Strength?
Mahatma Gandhi once said “The best way to find…
BrookeSandwich High School
Test preparation practices that work best for me are online quizzes. My favorite is …EmmaLibertyville High School
Not everyone can just listen to the teacher or professor, and remember what they sai…Victoria Coastal Carolina University
My best test preparation practice is using a voice recorder. (vc). My parents told…CaelanRiverside Comm. College, Riverside California
My first year as a college student was incredibly difficult. Throughout high school …CatherineUniversity of Alaska Anchorage
I practice several steps before taking any test. I begin by looking over my notes. I…AlainaCasper College
There are many test preparation practices I have learned through my education career…SethBlooming Prairie High School
The first step to great test preparation is taking great notes. Once the notes are c…RyanNovi High School
"Never consider the study as an obligation, but as an opportunity to penetrate t…AlinaPatriot High School
Everyone knows that gut twisting feeling of the anticipation of an upcoming test. No…CaraTexas Tech University
I feel like the most helpful test preparation strategy I have used is going over the…Logan Tascosa High School
Whenever I have a huge test coming up, I have a method that I like to follow. Firs…JerrickaNicholls State University
My main test preparation practice is going through the lesson and taking notes. Afte…BriannaIQ Academy
The first time I took the SAT with essay test was in the spring of my junior year of…HenryCanon-McMillan High School
When I am studying for a test, what usually helps me best is to rewrite my notes fro…AlysonGeorgia Southwestern University
School has always been my strong suit, but that doesn't mean I haven't …AimeeBarren County High School
The best way to study for a test is to make flashcards on the content and then to tr…Harlem Wildwood

Test are not my favorite activity, testing causes me a bit of anxiety. However, …
KahleelExecutive Education Charter School
One of my favorite test prep practices is notecards. This is because they have diffe…LaClaudiaChrist the KIng Jesuit College Prep
When preparing for a test I find it helpful to hand write flashcards for review and …AubreyGovernor Thomas Johnson High School
My favorite test preparation practice is taking notes. For example, if I have a test…LaurenSimsbury High School
Just like many other students, I tend to wait until the last minute to prepare for a…IsabelleLiberty Academy

College is one such opportunity that can lead people down the path to success an…
JahmierMastery charter Thomas campus
During a small exam I am naturally calmer when I know I did everything I could ha…kermenaLawrence D. Bell
Deep breath in. Deep breath out. As I pick up my pencil, a flurry of emotions tumbl…MadelineWheaton North High School
to prepare for a test, it start almost a week in advance. Studying is of course key …TravianOwasso High School
I have always been a last minute kind of person. If I know I have a test coming up I…Taylor Southwest Minnesota State University
In truth, I am a very organized person. It doesn’t make much sense to say that I…FelicityBattlefield High School
I wouldn’t say I necessarily have great test preparation practices but I do have som…MelodyUpper Dauphin Area High School
The first strategy that works best for me when I know I will be taking a test is to …Jacqueline Tascosa High School
I have many great test preparation practices that are useful and would benefit other…Whitney Clyde High School
When I prepare for test I usually hand write and then type my notes for the class. …KerriTuskegee University
When I prepare for a test, I always remember to stay optimistic and never second gue…WyattArlington Collegiate High School
Some of the things I do to prepare for a test include, resting very well before a bi…KianaBen Davis High School
Test preparation isn’t just an activity, it’s a science. Throughout my education end…MorganMontgomery High School
My focus can be turned in the blink of an eye. I must stay captivated and informed a…KylieStark State College
When it comes to studying, I have found over the course of my education what style b…DylanWinfield High School
Let me start off by saying that standardized test taking has never been my strong su…KatlynPurnell Swett High
Whenever I have a test coming up, I very lightly study and do not overly stress abou…SpencerMiddle Tennessee State University
The soft glow of the rising sun filters through the windows, illuminating the shelve…MorganOlentangy High School
When preparing for a test, if the professor provides a test review, the very first t…SierraTexas Tech
I am currently enrolled in several Advanced Placements and Dual Credit classes, so I…EmilyRonald Reagan High School
My test preparation usually consists of reviewing notes, then re-writing the notes t…GavinHome School
In a world of challenging situations, we face many issues that may overwhelm us when…Joyce Merced College
When it comes to testing, preparing for it can be challenging. I, myself, am not an …CallieODU
I am a very forgetful person so tests are super tedious for me to do. Of course this…AlexzandriaPittsburg High
When someone says “test preparation,” the image of study cramming and all-nighters c…KelseySpokane Falls Community College
When it comes to studying for a test I start by reading and taking notes on the mate…Alexis Cosumnes River College
I have severe anxiety disorder; consequentially, I am often overwhelmed. When it com…ZyraLanier High School
I prepare for tests using various methods, and I have always loved teaching and help…LeahEvangel Christian School
Reviews, flashcards, textbooks, oh my! While constantly reviewing practice exams, cr…AlexisTexas A&M University College Station
My biggest test taking strategy is to start practicing far beyond when the actual or…HannahReedy High School
My test preparation practices are guaranteed to make me a straight A student! I have…NikitaCalifornia Baptist University
For me, repetition is the best test prep for me. Take Spanish for example. Speaking …LillianCity High middle school
As a senior taking 6 Advanced courses, studying is one of the most vital components …RachelRowlett High School
Preparing for a test doesn’t have to be a stressful event. Tests should be a review …JonahDowners Grove South High School
Studying has never been an easy task for me to accomplish. Many times I'd rather…SheaEast Mountain High School
I started college about four years after graduating high school. I decided that I ne…CONNORColumbia Southern University
When preparing for a test I do it differently depending on the subject. If I have a …KeyleeSanta Rosa Academy
Practice, practice, practice! In order to become better at something, I have to prac…MichaelaWestwood High School
My best test preparation practices involve creating an outline and homemade test, an…AshleeThomas Edison State University
As a MLT student who graduates in May 2019, I am gearing up to take my ASCP examinat…ElizabethCollege of the Albemarle
Make a game of taking notes during class and while doing the homework…
GarretLee County Senior High
Test preparation is very important. I am not good at taking tests. I have testing an…LisaLiberty Universirty
Studying for tests has never been my strong suit until I started to better strategiz…AlexisUniversity of Arizona
Usually around two weeks before a test, I start by making an outline of all the chap…AbigailXavier University
When I am preparing for a test, I go through my notes and highlight all of the most …HaleighUniversity of Northwestern - St. Paul
Preparing for a test can be a daunting task. Thankfully, we can find many helpful ti…StephenUniversity of Northwestern, St. Paul
I graduated nursing school with my associate’s degree back in 2014. When I…christaluniversity of washington
Throughout high school, I never really had to study as I have a relatively good memo…JonnicaTexas Tech University
I have always been a doer. My learning style is kinesthetic, meaning I have to do so…SarynTexas Tech University
The bast way to learn is by teaching the material to someone else. The ability to te…CrystalMoreno Valley High School
One of the best test preparations I have done is Khan Academy. Khan Academy offers f…AmirrahWilmington Christian Academy
Those few days before taking a big test or exam can truly cause you to have anxiety …TinasiaMetropolitan Community College
There's no way for us to know the best test preparation strategies for all of us…JonathanClear Lake High School
I personally believe that I have the best test preparation practices because every t…McKaylaCity of Life Christian Academy
My test preparation methods were not always as strong as they are today. As a result…AlonsoWestview High School
I was frustrated in middle school because I had not figured out which study techniqu…PeytonTenafly High School
I prepare for a test in three ways. I will divide three stages so it is easy to foll…BrittReynoldsburg High School
They work for me because of my determination to achieve the best.…Paulina University of Arizona
Don’t walk into your test unprepared for what you will face. Before you start studyi…JordanReservoir highschool
For the past two years I have been participating in full-time college study through …Allison Lynden Academy
Anytime I have a test, I'm prone to putting off studying until the last minute. …AddisonWhitewright
In all of the years I have gone to school, I have tried many test preparation practi…Grace Mahtomedi High School
It’s rare to find the “greatest” test preparation practices throughout high school a…Janet GuadalupeArtesia High School
こんにちは!My name is Kiersten and I have taken German, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian. N…KierstenIndiana Academy For Science, Mathematics, and Humanities
Test preparation can look different depending on the class the quiz, test, or exam i…HeatherDavenport University
As a biology pre-med student and now a new nursing student, I had to find ways to le…NekechiaSUNY Downstate Medical Center
In my four years of high school, I have experimented with several styles of stud…coleHillcrest High School
Throughout my high school and early college years, I have experimented with test-pre…ElizabethUniversity of Oregon
First things first, in order to prepare for a test, you need to de-stress. Both of m…LaurenSeminole State College
Reading, note taking, flashcards... repetitive actions help me to remember things we…MackenzieWestern Governors University
Preparing for a college exam can make your head pound with stress. Before tackling m…JuliaUniversity of Oregon
The best method that has worked for me over the years includes repetition. When I ha…AnneWestern Governors University
My test preparation practices are that I will always sit down in a quiet room to foc…LoganMariemont
I study for hours and hours remembering the content for the tests.…BlazePearl City Highschool
Being a student requires a lot of resilience, as you have to balance classes, extrac…SarahDrew University
Preparing for a test is difficult. Students of every level struggle with test prepar…MicaiahHomeschool
To me, the most difficult part of studying is not getting distracted. Before I actua…ElanaLiberty High School
Whenever I have a big test coming up I get a piece of notebook paper and I write out…AbigailTascosa High School
Having strong test preparations in place are crucial to succeeding on tests. I grew …RichardCoastal Carolina University
When preparing for an objective evaluation (test) I find that I have the most succes…DavidWGU
Pop quiz, test, exam, all words that strike fear within students far and wide. Being…MadelineUniversity of California- Davis
Throughout the years, I have tried so many different test preparation practices and …NatalieRed Land High School
Some students are blessed with the ability to walk into an exam with minimum prepara…ChadSan Diego State University
Before I take any test, I find it necessary to clear my mind of any lingering hinder…GraceUniversity of Oregon
I find two test preparation tactics especially helpful: preparation apps (Quizlet) a…KaiNorth Thurston High School
As a honest person, like the most of us, I dislike taking tests, as well as the prep…ChloePearl City High School
The way I start studying is by organizing myself with all the essential items I need…EdwardArchbishop Mitty
The test preparation I use is supplemental from the time I learn the material until …JakeNorthampton Community College
Jessye Davis

My Strategy For Studying

When it comes to studying, many …
JessyeHarold’s L Richards High School
The greatest way to prep for a test is to ask your teacher of the classes what's…AaryoniaHelix Charter High School
For me, test preparation begins with the initial learning of the material. I do…LingMurrieta Mesa High School
Merriam-Webster defines addict as " to devote or surrender (oneself) to somethin…DanielleLouisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts
To prepare for a subject specific test, like Unit tests, I like to go over all of th…KatrianaTascosa High School
Some of my best test preparation practices actually come from a mix of repetition an…JeremiahLeading Edge Academy Online
Preparing for a test can be easy if you do it right. Everyone works and learns diff…MadelineHahnville High School
For me, the thing that I have found most helpful when preparing for tests is repetit…SamanthaJamesville-DeWitt High School
Being a biology major, I have to memorize specific processes and equations, and how …AmandaHollins University
When a company makes a new product, do you want them to make sure it works firs…RileyCecil College
For at least an hour a day, starting a week before test day, I study the material se…DonaldJohns Creek High School
The way I prepare usually always differs in how the test is going to be formatted. F…JonathanFairfax High School
Every student has a study method that works for them, and they all vary on their ind…TerriWashington State Community College
To prepare for tests I like to think about what questions might be on the test and a…JoselynSan Marcos High School
I have had many tests and quizzes to prepare for during my High School carrier, and …Elizabeth Charles O. Dickerson High School
Before taking a written or standardized test of any sort, such as the ACT or SAT, ob…ZoeVJ and Angela Skutt High School
There are several things that I do to make certain that I am prepared for tests. On…McKenzieUtica College
A grilled cheese sandwich, lemonade, and "soothing piano music 4-hour loop" …ElenaGeorge Mason University
I am a very visual learner so I need to organize my notes in a very clear pattern an…LillianBaylor University
Since I’ve been in Elementary School, I’ve had a lot of problems being a test …AliyahHamden High School
In preparation for a test my teachers would always tell me, "get lots of sleep&#…JordanIndian Hill High School
Just as a hero carries a sword and shield with them when faced by a daunting foe, I …BaileyColumbia College Hollywood
As a high school senior at one of the most academically challenging schools in the s…AnsleyThomas Jefferson Classical Academy
My secret, foolproof routine for test prep has never failed me, and today I am going…Maya Montgomery High School
Every time I sit down to study for a test, I begin by creating a study guide for mys…GabrielaLarchwood Homeschool Academy (homeschooled)
Frequently attending tutoring sessions, studying at the library, and taking notes on…HannaWest Virginia University
The best test preparation method for me is Khan academy. Khan academy specifically i…BriannaAberdeen High school
My test preparation practices are first and foremost, prayer, listening to music and…ClarkSachse High School

The most effective test prep for me in classes such as history and science, is g…
DanielleAlbany High School
while now having twelve years of school learning experience I can honestly say with…crishnafirst colonial high school
Beginning my freshman year with one AP class to my junior and senior year having a r…ValiaMission Viejo High
Tests almost always follow a predictable and useful pattern. Therefore, the best pra…Alexandria University of Nevada Las Vegas
Test preparation is one of the most essential things you need to know when you'r…KelseyD'Youville College
Regardless of how well a teacher lectures, there will be someone who fully takes hom…MoisesMatoaca High
Well in High School I take college course classes which are pretty difficult for me …MaryFort Dorchester High School
Test preparation can be very nerve wracking for many students. Some students may pre…Nathalia Saint Peter’s University
Tests are stressful enough, but, feeling unprepared adds unnecessary weight. I have …KyraAcademy for Science and Design
Preparing for exams and quizzes is crucial for students to stay on top of their…TessMessiah College
As members of this world, we are facing tests each moment. In fact, the word test an…ouissalGroupe Pédagogique Alpha
Engineering courses have grueling tests which require equally tough study habits and…MeganBoston University
Usually, my school covers test preparation with tips such as annotating and reading …NisiniUnion City High School
Testing is an unavoidable measurement of knowledge on a specific subject. Going thro…ElizabethMountain View High School
Over the years my preparation for tests have changed using the method of trial and e…AlexisWarren High School
As a student with low test anxiety, but with poor concentration and ADHD-related cha…DanielleMaryland Institute College of Art
I believe I have a very well developed test preparation practice. When I know I have…DylanThe Colony High School
Studying for tests can be nerve-wracking when you're in college, however, not ha…KarenCornerstone University
Test preparation is unique to each and every person, no two people are the same. A m…MeganClatsop Community College
What I have learned thru out my high school years and have b brought with my to coll…Corin University of South Carolina-Aiken
Before every test, I use the app or website called Quizlet. Quizlet allows me to stu…KhalidDutchtown High School
I personally like to study because I see it as a challenge. There is not an exact wa…EmilyCabrini Highschool
It’s quiz day in my calculus class and my heart rate is a tad elevated as I walk int…RaymondLa Habra High School
Test preparation is important to me as a high school senior as colleges place g…OmarParkway South High
When it comes to taking a test I feel that I have prepared well under control. For m…KevinJohn F. Kennedy Senior High
In test preparation there are good practices and bad ones and as humans I believe we…KylissaHoly Faith Convent
When I am preparing for a test of some sort, I always do certain things that help me…BritainMany High School
Preparing for a test is a difficult task, regardless if you are at ease taking …ChaseySocastee High School
Going into college I had no idea how to study. I taught myself and what that meant w…HaleyUniversity of Louisiana Lafayette
I have a study system that has worked great for me! First, I like to have a study gu…TerryColorado State University Global Campus
Preparing for a test is something that can affect how the test goes. For me, my prep…MeganReynolds High School
There are a few test preparation techniques that I like to use, but I think…KaitlynSt. Petersburg College
Many students prepare for test the same way. They spend hours taking notes or review…KarinaUniversity of Arizona
Suppose it’s the night before a big test, and I just got home from a Lacrosse game o…TylerArnold O. Beckman High School
My test preparation practices are rather simple, I think the only way to reduce stre…WyattUniversity of Oregon
Over the years, I have developed test preparation practices that work best for me. F…AliyaFiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts
Learn and practice. You may have heard people say there is no way to make for the ap…GavinWoodbury High School

Testing is a struggle for a majority of students throughout the United State…
Jordan Lansing Catholic High School
Preparing for exams can be difficult. Especially finding a studying technique that w…LianChamberlain University
My holy-grail study method is always to check for crash course or other similar type…EmmaMiddleton High School
The greatest test preparation is placing yourself in a quiet room with at least a wi…Alexis Ventura High School
The number one way I study for tests is by listening to content and taking notes. Th…Adrianna Liberty High School
Test preparation is vital for high scores. The worst thing you could do to prepare f…GabriellaTottenville High School
1- Growing up as a female latino with an economic disadvantage has always made me…FabiolaImperial Valley College
I mix things up a lot. Call it undiagnosed dyslexia; call it forgetfulness; but even…KirkWestern Governors University
I start off by preparing for test at least 3 weeks in advance. Knowing the exact dat…JenniferRio Salado College
Staring a final exam in the face, totally lost? Coming up on the first quiz of the s…PaulSan Diego State University
My current school makes my test preparation easy and I have incorporated a few techn…ShanaWestern Governors University
Tests are the bane of my existence. Though I understand that they are necessary …HeidiLos Osos High School
Preparing for a test is often extremely stressful, especially if the test is a final…Harlyn University of Victoria
To study for tests, I start out by taking notes in class with colorful pens and high…LydiaLouisiana Tech Uniersity
Preparation Is the Key
Test preparation is necessary in order to prepare for any …
AndreaSpartanburg High School
I do lots to prepare for tests, some of the ideas I got from friends, and some of th…AnnaCatalina Foothills High School
As a born procrastinator, it took me well into my late teens to figure out how to ef…SofiaUniversity of Pittsburgh
Studying for a test must be one of the most difficult parts of school. It can be dif…Corinne Wagner high school
I have always found that one of the easiest ways to prepare for a test is to actuall…MaxSaguaro High School
If any resources are given to me from a teacher to prep for a test, I use them! Stud…LaylaWilde Lake High School
Preparing for tests, exams quizzes, etc. can be a major stressor. Ask any college st…StephanieBrigham Young University
For me, test preparation involves planning and organizing when and where I am going …MelanieCreighton University
Taking tests isn’t just about reading and memorizing things. For me I have several t…ZipporahEastern Guilford High School
In support of HIV/AIDS awareness

The stigma associated with the narrow-mindse…
ShruthiUniversity of missouri Kansas city
Test preparation is a skill that I think some smart people don't utilize enough.…FaithAmerican University of Paris
Sometimes I think I am educated beyond my intelligence. I have a 4.0 average, but I …ParisMonroe Township High School
For a great test, such as the SAT or any AP Exam, I do some weird, but, for me, usef…ElijahVR Eaton High School
A wise professor once told me that one must repeat a process eight times to learn it…KataColumbia University
Studying is something that every student has to do. No matter what class you are in …PerryHomeschool
The way I prepare for exams has led me to receiving many passing grades throughout t…DianaEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Daytona Beach
Studying for tests has been difficult for me because I have a hard time concentratin…ShaeKansas State University
Preparation is key to complete any task at hand. That goes with anything in life, es…JacobDumont High School
Personally I feel that preparing for tests in todays modern world has never been eas…EmilyDonovan Catholic High School
I have not always been good at taking standardize test, not because I am not smart e…KhaylaWarren Township High School Gurnee Il. 60031
Test preparation is time-consuming when you want to receive a good grade in a class,…Brianna Iowa State University
As a first generation college student, I had no help from my family on studying tech…BaileyLane Community College
Memory is tantamount to the study method that one experiences. The greatest test pre…YASMINENorthpoint academy
I have found through my years of advanced classes and hours of work and rehearsal ev…AbigailArab High School
I am writing my essay today about a former classmate and friend of mine from high sc…katherineKD Conservatory
As someone who has always been easily distracted, traditional study methods have nev…Jennifer Mulberry Senior High School
I have grown up in poverty and was abused all of my life. I was expected to graduat…TiffanyUniversity of Missouri-St. Louis
I have many ways to get prepared for all then test , I would have so many days and n…JenniferJc Harmon High School
Test preparation shouldn't be more complicated than the subject you're study…AdamColumbia University
Everyone has their own way of studying for a big test that they might have. Some mig…BrielleYork County School of Technology
My test perporation consists of reading the book once to get an understanding of wha…KaylaWest Coast University
When I am preparing to take a test I always review topics and make songs or listen t…JuanitaRufus King High
I never had to study for anything. If I paid attention in class, took the right note…AlexDanbury High School
There was a time I did not need to study- getting high grades came easily but only t…FrancisDanbury High School
Many of the tests we take, especially in high school, are not an accurate portrayal …GabrielaCHAMPS Charter High School
Test taking is one of the most essential skills for students if they want to demonst…AlexanderduPont Manual HS
The best test preparation is simply be in the moment. Get up and go to class and be …JaredUniversity of South Carolina - Upstate
One of the first things I do before studying is to pray to God for guidance, as I am…KendraCoral Glades High School
My skills with being prepared with academic testing were taught to me through my tra…JacobUniversity of South Carolina - Upstate
My favourite tip for preparing for a test, especially a content heavy test like AP B…ShaleseAppleby College
As a textile learner, I prepare for tests and exams best when I am able to manipulat…KailinCornerstone University
Preparing for a test can be tricky. Some people aren’t as great as others when it co…AshlynnClarkton C-4 High school
My great test preparation practices are the following: Drawing out sketches/pictures…MarcusUniversity Of North Carolina at Greensboro
Test taking can be scary! Some of my favorite ways to prepare are flash cards, quizl…ShaylynMarquette Senior High School
The best way for me to learn is to learn it more than once in more than one way. Rep…SophiaMountain View High School
When I'm preparing for a test, my first step is determining the material I do an…AubreyNorth Cobb High School
When I am preparing for a test the first thing I do is take a deep breath! I know th…KatieAnne Arundel Community College
I find what has helped me be the most successful when it comes to studying for exams…LynziCuyahoga Community College
I have great test preparation practices because I focus on rest and being calm. The …AjSevern School
A very effective approach to learning anything new or preparing for different exams …JosephCarlisle High School
The way that I study for tests is by teaching others. My friends and I gather tog…TasnimThe Brooklyn Latin School
Some of the best methods, I use to assist me in preparing for my tests or exams, wou…JohnathanPalomar University
Throughout high school, I’ve tested a variety of ways of test prep - as a senior…MatthewBuffalo Grove High School
While many preferred to utilize last-minute test reviews and tutors at my high schoo…RohanPlano East Senior High

College exams scores can either make or break one's grade in a c…
KeshellAlfred University
My name is Carlee Danielle Caskaddon. I am the eighteen -year- old daughter of James…CarleeAlexander Central High School
Hello there, my name is Levi Dirig and I want to tell you why I think I deserve the …LeviNorwell
When studying, I like to connect the concepts taught in school to something more phy…RheaScottsdale Preparatory Academy
As someone who has always waited last minute to study, I learned new techniques on m…CristaLouisiana State University
As someone who has always waited last minute to study, I learned new techniques on m…CristaLouisiana State University
For me, studying has not always been my strong suit. With a short attention span and…Mahogany Virginia commonwealth university
Prepping for a test can be a very daunting task if it has never been performed befor…HaydenPocola High School
I have never really been that great of a test-taker. When it comes time to study, I …KaylaRivier University
As we all know, avid preparation is the key to success for anything! For me, prepara…KendallEleanor Roosevelt High School
Test taking is an important part of receiving an education. Tests allow the student …BlakeTexas Tech University
Hi, My name Is Erika Arrington. I am 22 years old (legal drinking age) so my test…ErikaUniversity of Pittsburgh-Greensburg
The method that works best for me when I am preparing for a test is to work through …AveryIndiana University Purdue University-Columbus
Anticipate questions by:

Looking for patterns of questions in any tests …
TobechukwuLeading Edge Academey GEC
After having many encounters with tests in my high school career, it is imperative …LaineyParadise Valley High School
Studying for a test can be very stressful, especially when test anxiety seems to con…AmandaSanta Rosa Junior College
When it comes to math test, I take the quote "You retain 90% of what you teach&#…KIRASamueli Academy
Something I have definitely been keeping track of is my anxiety when quizzes and tes…LeslieSamueli Academy
I am a son of a garbage man, one who watched his father break his body for a quarter…TrevinColumbia University Graduate School of Journalism
I have never been a fantastic test taker but have learned over time that repetition …Jadon Liberty Academy