Essay Excerpt Applicant School
When I was younger, I used to love hearing and telling stories, and it's my love…ElleIUPUI
I guarantee you if you were to look around the world a dozen times you wouldn't …ArDariusWarren High School
After becoming a college student, I really looked up to the leaders on campus who he…JackieMurray State University
Although I was always interested in the language, with Dora episodes being my only p…SimoneGeorgia Military College Prep
Hi my name is Sarah Sony, Im 18 years old.I'm originally from Iraq, and I have b…sarahEnglewood High School
I achieved and still am achieving a goal that I put forth over 2 years ago when I mo…WilliamWest Salem High School
My dream is do my best work studying hard to become a nurse practitioner for help an…AdrianaWyandotte HS
When I was young i always saw myself going to college after graduating high school. …MichaelSpokane Falls Community College
The swim team had always been my dream. I wanted to swim in heats next to competitor…HannahMississippi State University
One time in high school I got the highest possible score on a test in my Government …KellyPerry Meridian High School
It has been very hard for me raising my daughter since I help my mother with house c…JenniferWyandotte High School
I was born to a mother and father who did not always make the best decisions. My mot…DavidGeorge Washington High School
I was born and raised in McDowell county, a substantially low income and exceedingly…Alicia River View High School
At the age of 15 and 19 my parents married in Orange County.Soon after within a …LilianaLa Sierra University
hello my name is KALANI MONTGOMERY i am not in rolled at college yet i …KALANImt hood community college
As I stood on the awards stage on November 28, 2013, I waited. Shaking with anticipa…AbbyDivine savior holy angels
I am a nineteen year old male. My entire life I have had to work on my own to create…RogerMerced Community College
“Be true to who you are and the family name you bear.” This stared at me in my room …ShaileeCorner Canyon High School
“Hi, my name is Robert and I am an addict.” I was stunned to hear my dad say those w…RyleighNorthview High School
My parents taught me great manners that would take mea long way.
A couple things…
Sherrzay Wilby High school
I am still growing and immature to define life and if I did I won’t be fair enough t…Poonam Brookhaven community college
The exquisite neuroanatomy of the central and peripheral nervous system, the…SabahUC Berkeley
I am still growing and immature to define life and if I did I won’t be fair enough t…Poonam Brookhaven community college
Adversity is a word that can scare a lot of people. People struggle everyday and whe…James Fulton Senior High
My name is Xavier Marie Whipple, I graduated from Victory Chri…Xavier Tulsa Community College
My name is Nishaben Patel. I am currently in my Nurse Practitioner program. I have t…nishabenValdosta state university
My inspirations in my life have always been my two children for thirty-one ye…MARYIVY TECH COMMUNITY SCHOOLS
My name is baraka peter bahini i am now in high school.I have studied my primary sch…BARAKAMINAKI HIGH SCHOOL
In high school, I was not the ideal student; I made poor choices that affected my…KaylaUniversity of Central Arkansas
During my first semester of college, I had a tough time with the transitioning from …BrandonUniversity of Portland
Time is the most precious thing we have has college students, whenever we begin the …JennyLone Star college

The process of applying to medical school can be challenging and tedious.…
NastassjaRed Rocks Community College
Every kid's dream is to play football for the city's high school team. From …TimothyKansas Wesleyan University
My name is Vincent Namamba ,born and raised in a remote place in Kenya.A p…
Vincent Excelsior college

I have always wanted a challenging career and knew attending college would be th…
LevitaRutgers Busines School
I have long dreamed of being a soccer coach before the end of my senior year. As I e…JeniferUnion City Jr./Sr. High School
As an art student, it takes a lot to be noticed. There is a lot you have to do just …CristinaSaddleback High School
Growing up as a Latina , it is hard having to break the statistics . We are expected…NancySaddleback High School
Being born and raised among one of the less satisfactory neighborhoods in the small …TiffanyPalo Duro High School
June 22 was the most scariest and saddest day of my life,the surprise finally came o…KimberlySaddleback high school
An adversity that I had to overcome was actually me gaining a trait that many people…EvelynSaddleback High School
When I was in my 8th grade year, my mother and I were struggling financially and…SamanthaSaddleback High School
No matter where you go, everyone is part of a circle. As a kid, and still to this d…DulceSaddleback High School
Well I would like to begin with my life, my life hasn't been that easy but I am …KimberlySaddleback High School
During recent years, acting and theater have become an emotional outlet for me. Dram…Mitzy Saddleback High School
As part of my annual performance planning, I have a series of measurable goals to ac…Jocelyn Saddleback High School
My personal story is bot an easy story to tell but it shaped me int the best way. It…KatelynSaddleback High School
Having social workers in and out of my life felted like it sucked at the time. I hat…GisselSaddleback High School
On a Saturday night, it was the scariest day of my life as usual, my sister fell off…nathaliesaddleback high school
I believe that being captain on the cheerleading team at school has brought upon man…KarolaSaddleback High School
The most significant challenge I have face was when my dad got deported back to Mexi…BryanSaddleback High School
I wish everything was easy, but the sad truth is it isn't. There's going to …JenniferManual High School
The hot summer heat beat down on my back. Day in and day out, I made the short trek …Hawksamarillo high school
I joined the AVID program my freshman year in high school not having a reason until …Bellasaddleback high school
My dream was to be in college to study in science and psychology. The reason why I p…MarvinRochester Institute of Tech
I am the oldest of four kiddos and when I first started thinking of college I was ju…TessaAmarillo High School
One of my main goals of my high school career was to become a college bowler. I star…Griffin Goddard High School
As a leader, one must knows the latest researches and innovations and ideas. These a…alancsulb
I am currently working on a very personal, inspirational story about a young girl of…RileyBishop Brady
Applying for dual enrollment at Wallace State Community College during my junior yea…HunterSusan Moore High School
My name is Benjamin Scott Cooper the Second, and I am a military brat. For most of m…BenjaminRadford High School
“You’re not going to sleep until you get it,” my mom said annoyed. At 12 am I was re…KityanaPalo Duro
Growing up in an apartment complex with many kids and teenagers in the community who…EzedeenRichland Collegiate High School
When I was younger I had always been physically active. Playing soccer, riding bikes…FaytheTulsa Community College
Have you ever looked at yourself in the morning and relived something negative someb…NicholasCaprock High School
During my senior of high school I became inspired by some friends to join the Air Fo…SharonMinot State University
In my life I have been able to put work out in front of many things to put myself ah…Sydney Bullitt East High School
I have a story want to tell you about my dream that i want to go to America or Canad…Quang MinhTTHCS Nguyá»…n Hiền
Twenty percent of people are dyslexic. At my school of 2500 students, 500 have dysl…BaileyRio Rancho High School
My inspirational story to achieve my educational goal was coming from El Salvador an…YearimSolano Community College
Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to go to Southeastern Oklahoma State Univer…BrittanySherman High School
The work I put in my junior year to become the senior that i am today was hard. I w…KashiaElkins High School
I am completely out of breath, wondering when this torturous physical training sessi…KatrinaPaloma Valley High School
Sweating from the heat, dying of thirst, and exhausted, yet so close to perfecting i…HaleySherman High School
I knew in that moment that it was bad. I knew it was all over right when I came cras…Sydney Frank W. Cox
You know those times in your life when you look back and say, “Wow, that was tough! …HeatherSalt Lake Community College

Overcoming my adversity came in many forms. My mother was a full time student an…
KaylaValle verde early college high school
I only need to take the reading compass test to be able to go to college. When I was…mariajohns creek high school
Throughout high school, I have been taking Dual Credit and AP classes, obtaining…AddisonLubbock-Cooper High School
Buenas tardes.
MI nombre es Jose Miguel Gonzalez Casti…
Jose CastilloColombo Americano
As a child I was always being bullied by other kids, but of course I never gave up o…JorgeCollin College
I had always had a dream to do a mission trip to Alaska. I had previously looked int…ShawnTusculum College
Growing up in a household with a heroin addict, prescription medication addict, and …AmandaSouth Seattle College
When I wrestle, I get mixed feelings both positive and negative. Through these feeli…CrisantoO'Dea High School
Hello my name is Jose Peralta and I am 18 years old. I was raised in Guatemala durin…joseCalifornia Baptist University
Over powering an goal and an achieving it is a very good feeling, when its all done …preneishaTara High School
Adversity is what always individuals to learn from hardships and the struggle allows…Sarah Syracuse University
During my time at Silverado's Hawks Nest, (2015-2017), I worked with various pre…MaliyaSilverado High School
I remember when I walked into Jefferson High School for the first time in November o…Katrina Jefferson High School
Procrastination is a horrible thing that defeats many students when it comes to stud…PaigeSplendora High School
Ever since I was a child I have struggled with a disorder called dyslexia. Dyslexia …ZacharyWestside High School
In 1966, I was a statistic. I became a college dropout. Circumstance was the basis…GenevieveCapella University
As a child, I always was involved in sports. My passion was in playing soccer. Upon …JosephSoutheast Academy High School
My dining room table can be seen in disarray as my swatches, sketches and palettes a…EmilyNeedham High School
For as long as I can remember, I have always been involved in at least one sport. So…RebeccaPalmyra Area High School
For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be an elementary school teacher. I h…RebeccaUniversity of Missouri St Louis
My name is Anita Lohar. I was born and raised in a refugee camp in Nepal.…AnitaEisenhower High School
My Education: A Boarding Pass to a Better Life.

At a very young age, I realiz…
YennifferColumbia University
A message to my Father , hello my name is ismael ortega garcia . To say i grew up i…ismael West Los Angeles College
Mid way through my Junior year of highschool I was taken out of school and put into …ChloeStony Brook Univeristy
Like others that have endured challenging life situations, it was always my intent t…austincoronado high school
When entering high school, I was initially rejected from my dream school's art p…RobinEdward R Murrow
I have been part of a school choir ever since the third grade. Back then, I imagined…ChloeUniversity of Alaska Southeast
I created The Wellbeing Team, a student-run initiative to promote a holistic approac…EmmalenePortsmouth Abbey School

One time in my life where hard work payed off was actually one of the achi…
ElijahRiverside High School
In the words of the well- respected former president John F. Kennedy “leadership and…RaikishaCass Technical High School
I had been practicing all summer-through relentless Floridian weather, and through s…CourtneyDreyfoos Schoolof the Arts
We all have those moments, those experiences that stick out among others, those othe…MichaelaRockwood Summit High School
I am writing about a time when hard work paid off. I am a high school senior and a v…matthewHobart High School
I was diagnosed with depression my sixth grade year. Throughout the years I went to …CaitlynBarnes County North
My goal was to play high school basketball. I began playing basketball when I was 4 …TylerSouth Rowan High
In High School the mightiest fish in the middle school pond are thrown into the ocea…MadeleneRolling Meadows High School
I have always wanted to become a nurse. I took the CNA program my high school offere…AbigailNew River Community College
As a student athlete who played the most beloved sport in all of Texas, I was mandat…Isaiah Boswell High School
I'm a procrastinator. I always have been. I'll wait until the last minute to…KaylaWentzville Holt High School
When I was 15 years old, I started looking for a job. Like almost every other teena…MicahHome Life Academy
I entered high school with the goal of maintaining straight A’s not knowing how much…CarolynMurrieta Mesa High School
Math has always been a challenge; one that I’ve risen to. Ever since I was a child, …BriannaEagan High School
It's always been my mother and I every since I was a young girl. My mother worke…Gabrielle A.C. Flora High School
Sophomore year, I joined the mock trial team. I learned the basics of trial law and …WilliamCreighton Prep
Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to play softball. My family had been involv…ZoeWhiteland Community High School
The two summers while in high school volunteered at the G.V. Sonny Montgomery VA Med…TaylorUniversity of Mississippi
As a high school student, there is always a lot of pressure to know what you want to…StaciTri- West High School
I've never been the lead in plays. Supporting, but never a lead. I had pretty mu…LeianaTemecula Preparatory School
An inspirational story about the work I've put in ahead of time that have helped…RikkiFreedom public schools
Hello. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kaitlyn Plank. I am a freshman at…KaitlynBelmont University
“A chronic, relapsing brain disease that is characterized by compulsive drug seeking…CARSONNorth Haven High School
I’ve spent the last three to four years in Navy JROTC at Everett High School. Every …JessicaHenry M. Jackson High School
I've been a student who would procrastinate work As soon as I started high schoo…Gisel La Joya High School
Nicaragua is a very special place for me, not so much the country itself, but the p…Karla VanessaThe Woodlands College Park High School
I was never a very outgoing person when I was younger. I was always very reserved, b…CierraBarnes County North

I have put many hours in trying to b…
SkylerNorth Idaho College
I’m the Mexican who forgot all about Mexico. My parents did not have a good educatio…LuisWyandotte High School
Planning ahead always has its advantages no matter what. Since I've been in high…AveryBullitt East High School
In my community, I always find ways to help others in need. I've gathered bottle…AnnaMount Miguel High School
Thinking ahead of time is what has helped me accomplish all the goals i have accompl…LeoncioMilby High School
I've always tried to treat people with kindness and respect, and never turn …SarahHodgdon High School

Hello, my name is Amanda Morgan. My educational career goal is to be a regist…
Amanda Ozarks Technical Community college
Life is like a sandwich, both with many layers, and each step very essential. In you…KiaraSouth Grand Prairie High School
In grade school, it was always a trend that I earned first honors in the first trime…LaurenLittle Flower Catholic High School for Girls
Adversity, in every conceivable form and fashion, happens to everybody. This truism…HunterSherman High School
I have persevered through many trials throughout my life. My mother had breast cance…TylerEast Longmeadow High School
I was 18 years old, and I had to move away from the home I'd known for 8 years. …EmilyBerrien Springs Virtual Academy
I live by the words of the late boxing legend Muhammed Ali, “Suffer now and live the…JamesWoodlawn high school
Throughout life there are many things that you need to be prepared for, stress, hear…RigoWichita falls high school
Teen Pregnancy and 2014 Graduation

The day I found out I was pregnant, I …
FaithCochise College
I graduated university in 2001. I worked as a teacher for 15 years with my bachelor …NHAQcap Community Center
Everyone gets identified in a specific way, before highschool I was just another “in…NandinibenVista Ridge High School
About a year ago, my life was simple and consisted of very few everyday tasks. M…JasonOwen J Roberts
Some students have an identity, an interest, or a talent that defines them in an es…RuthVista Ridge High School
Going to Utah during Spring Break was going to be a vacation full of firsts; first t…KianaArmwood High School
In elementary school I was diagnosed with dyslexia. They explained to me that was th…Samantakentridge high school
For my last semester of college, I was given a 16 page research assignment that I kn…XavierGraduate School of Journalism
Greetings to you! My name is Elizabeth. I have a passion for inspiring others, yet…ElizabethReinhardt Univesity
I failed my driving test, not once, but twice. It seemed to me as if the world was e…GabrielleHoneoye Falls-Lima High School
During the beginning of my soccer season, in my junior year, I was unable to score. …FestusMount Vernon Highschool
At 2014 Upper Great Lakes Regional Figure Skating Championships, I failed to qualify…AnthonyMarquette University
As a high school senior, time management was something I had to get better at and te…SyedaCarl Wunsche Sr. High School
My personal inspirational story is about when I cook a meal for a major grade in my …AbigailCarl Wunsche Sr, High School
The first picture is a little girl, she is happy and laughs at almost everything. S…KeelySouth Dakota State University
A major goal that I have achieved is being in the National Honor Junior Society and …AlanWyandotte High School
I’ve been passionate for engineering and motorsports all my life and I believe that …MATHEUSDEERFIELD BEACH HIGH SCHOOL
    One’s dedication and commitment have the power to make up for what one lacks in …OliviaNimitz High School
Growing up I had no dreams of college.I had a pretty rough life as a kid and college…LatoshaWalterstate community college
Ever since I was a young girl I have been a member of the Prince George’s First Tee …ArielElizabeth Seton High School
I was raised surrounded by a group of very selfless individuals that were willing to…MagalyS.P. Waltrip High School
It was post-season, I had a club game, I was playing striker and during the game I w…EstebanHumble High School
It is a rather fortunate habit of mine to begin work upon receiving it. As soon as a…SarahTacoma Baptist High School
Eighth grade year is the year when most people start thinking of what they want to d…HannahTexas State University
I was born into a foreign family who knew no English. I was taught how the language …DanielFossil Ridge High School
Everyone starts their story off with a grief which is tiring and boring. We all have…ElizabethEssex County College
we'll my name is kenric himes. I came from a long time of incarseration, drugs, …kenricel centro college
Many times, we all have a time in our life where we feel that we need to come out a…ErickaHumble High School
I embarked on a journey that I was heedless would revolutionize my life ceaselessly.…KaelaRiverview High School
There've been many times when we feel like our life is based on adversity, when …JulyHumble High School
For most people, failure is one of the most troubling and scary parts of life. Knowi…LoganCosby High School
I failed a quiz for the first time in my junior year of high school. As a straight-A…JuanRidge High School
My goal is to do horocultural in landscaping and have my own business I would be the…MariaRoss S Sterling high school
As a little girl I could never do much. I couldn’t always do what the other kids di…TarrinaCanyon Ridge High School
Currently I am a senior in a small school full of minorities in Los Angeles Californ…NicoleSusan Miller Dorsey High School
As in today i have not achieved my goal, not until i start to work. i got accepted t…banesa humble high school
In a country of brokenness run by a leader fueled by hate, it may seem as no light c…AbigailHudson High School
Education has been a highly valued priority in my home. The way both of my parents…BlissGlendora High School
Leadership skill is something only a select few have in the world tod…OkoAtascocita High school
During my junior year of high school and the summer of my upcoming senior year, I pa…Amelia Cullman High School
I was always told finish school and then have kids. I was told it would be hard to g…ChelseaUnitek College
In my school area, my school is one of the most underfunded. This means that we do n…NdiferekeHumble High School
My 10th grade year i challenged the stereotype of a young black female . I spoke out…Makayla East Chapel Hill Highschool
Started off as a dream, and with hard work I was going to make it a reality. Day in …HassanLake Erie College
Being a premature identical twin on top of being diagnosed with a rare bleeding diso…MorganDearborn Academy
One of my most significant experiences that happened to me was at the Instituto Pol…MarianaVista Ridge High School
My brother was killed on October 14, 2012, four days after his eighteenth birthday.…JaylenUrban Prep Englewood Charter Academy
All of my life I have had the dream of going to college, but nobody in my family has…
Obstacles can either propel an individual to strive harder, or make him abandon all …JeremiahLouisiana Tech University
Throughout life, I've faced many adversities. Some minor, some major, and some l…KennyUniversity of New Haven
Since I was young I have struggled with focusing my attention. All my teachers said…MiyannaDuke Ellington School of the Arts
Last summer, while I was a rising senior I had one goal for the upcoming season. My …Mario Lloyd C Bird High School
How far are you willing to go to defend a beliefs or your opinion? Having an unpopul…EarlUrban Prep Charter Academy
When i was younger, I was very involved in multiple sports from baseball, to basketb…TylerLawrence Free State High School
Adversities were always a part of my life growing up. When I was younger, money was …JoseVictory Early College High School
When I was younger in elementary school I was not the brightest kid within my class.…KevinPalm Springs High School
I'm tired of struggling. I want to live my life with the ability to save money f…StephanieKeiser University
I have had to overcome racial barriers. I have tried my best to navigate my way thro…JadonNewton South High School
Going into high school I did not know what I wanted to do with my life. I had no car…DevinSaint Louis University High School
My father was a prestigious cab driver in downtown Chicago, coming home with 50 doll…MohammedHoffman Estates High School
There I was, up on the big stage, dazzling lights blinding my eyes, sweat beading o…AnnWilliam Mason High School
At the age of 17 years old I had to leave home because of an abusive situation invol…JezelFlorida Memorial University
At the age of eleven I arrived to the United States not knowing a single word of Eng…AminaIllinois institute of technology
I have been a competitive athlete for my entire life and because of this I have e…StoneFairview High School
test preparation is key to passing school a lot of people have different ways to stu…joseph chisholm trail high school
My story begins with my age. I am 46 years old and have two sons, although I have s…SusanRasmussen College of Nursing
“My past has not defined me, destroyed me, deterred me, or defeated me; it has only …JonathanTodd County Central High School
I was brought up in a 3 bedroom apartment of 15 children, 5 adults, 1 dog and I am n…AlayshiaAlief Taylor
I’ve been a dancer for over ten years. Through dance I’ve had many challenges but it…CiaraMy Tech High
“Your work and dedication has not only help you grown but also displayed your streng…EmiliaSt Pius X St Matthias Academy
In August of 2016, my family and numerous others dealt with the horrendous impact le…MatthewUniversity Laboratory School
I volunteered to be a counselor at the Beginners Robotics Summer Camp for about thre…ReemaDa Vinci Science High School
When I was little and growing up to where I am now people, teachers and family would…Kaliyah East Nashville Magnet High School
Putting in hard work ahead of time has been very beneficial to me in many ways. I am…AlexisSaltsburg High School
I am most proud of having taught 39 middle school girls how to code. In my final yea…ShannonColumbia University
Starting a new week as an instructor at paddleboard camp for kids is like opening a …JakePingree School
My hands were sweaty, my limbs shaking, and heart pounding. The venue is HUGE (so hu…Taylor Burley High School
I'm from a very small town outside of Little Rock, Ar. My biggest goal in life g…ToriUniversity of Central Arkansas
Ever since I can remember I have wanted to dive head first into the medical field an…Samanthaoakleaf high school
When I was younger I always knew I wanted to pursue a career in the medical field. A…ElizabethProgreso High School
I am a dancer and I have been a dancer my entire life. I trained for 10 years before…ChloeEl Dorado High School
As a child born in a third world country, your perception of the world is vastly dif…HilaryGeorge Bush High School
Basically I am Pharmacist. I did Pharm-D in 2011 from Pakistan and started working a…Muhammad kashifStrayer University
My most memorable hardships were multiple, but I like to consider them sole obstacle…SydneyColony High School
Soccer was always my dream sport. Entering high school, I was very nervous to play…MatteaKirtland Central High School
While I do not believe I have ever gone without, I can know will certainty that I ha…AlexanderTomball High School
My family consists of myself, my sisters ages 6 and 10, and our parents. We adopted…CeltaHeritage Peak Charter School
The Road to Victor…NivicarTrinity Washington University
For the first seven years of my life, Manila was my world. I assumed that was where …Agnes ThereseSerra High School
During my years back in elementary school, I had always desired to recite a solo poe…Harold Texas Tech University
Even though its definitely not the most enjoyable thing to do, studying for tests ca…EmilyBoswell High School

Life can take people in different twists and turns. My family was one that was f…
NatalieSouth Plainfield High School
In 2010, when I was twelve, I immigrated to reunite with my mother who had moved to …GebrielaSouth High School
Throughout my childhood, I faced the challenge of living with a single parent. My d…AbigailWest Stanly High School
My name is Daniel Valenciano, and ever since I was in Elementary School I had a …DanielManzano High School
In October of 2016, I tried committing suicide overdose. I was later sent to a behav…LailaSherman High School
Accomplishing something doesn’t come effortlessly. It takes time, effort, and hard w…ChristinaMarion County High School
Last August I changed my whole life plan, I was going to go to a community college f…AbigailHomeschooled
Playing football since the nineth grade not getting Recuited by any one my family ha…Jordan Plano sr high
The people that I was surrounded by, the way I was treated, and the events that happ…SheraeExcelsior
My name is Kody Wolfe and i am highly interested in this scholarship. Scholarships c…kodyAlleghenies Clarion Valley
In 2013, my family moved from rural Minnesota to Texas. This led me to realized how …GraceFlower Mound High School
Ever since I was young, I despised public speaking. I had visible symptoms of stage…Shiwon Torrey Pines High School
I was always told I wasn't good enough. Couldn't read well, couldn't spe…RyanKings College
Anatomy and physiology is my utmost educational interest! I work hard daily to walk …LauraJohn A Logan Community College
As a young girl, I had always been victim to my classmates relentless and cruel teas…KaelynSaddle Brook High School
Adversity is inevitable, but difficulties or misfortunes don't have to keep you …connorGreenway High School
Money makes college a very hard dream to achieve. To help reach my dream of studying…AshleyElyria High School
While in high school both of my parents became unemployed and it caused many financi…DaleneshaNorthwestern State University of Louisiana
Ever since I took that first step into my kindergarten class, my mother has pushed m…LoganClarksville High School
When I was a sophomore in high school, I was put into a team of four students in ord…AaronRiverside High School
Reading, writing, and learning French ahead of time has really helped me a lot in mo…Marina Hiram Johnson High School
I am 16, a full time college student, and a junior in high school (since my school y…MelissaPolk State Chain of Lakes Collegiate High School
Throughout my elementary and middle school career I was an average student. I made…BridgetHixson High School
One of the most inspirational changes took place in my life when I had to move from …Deja Valley Vista High School
As we are all told by our teachers and parents when we are young, if you start on yo…TatianaKeiser University
Preparation makes all the difference. The last time I was in college I was single, …BenjaminUniversity of Phoenix
Since a second language is a required course students have to take in high school, m…JoannaIndependence high school
Coming from a country where basic needs cannot be met and 25% of the population live…Anais Divine Savior Academy
Overcoming adversity is something I have to do most days because of the career I cho…AnastaciaRichland High School
One day, seven years ago when I was in the 4th grade, my brother was in high s…SallyMark Keppel High School
Ever since a young age , they tell you that practice makes perfect. In any case this…Dominic Toms River High School South
Just recently I accepted a second job at a local sno cone store. The manager approac…MeganSt. Benedict at Auburndale
A month before my two AP exams, I was pulled off medication that I was taking fo…ThomasSouth Plainfield High School
There is a saying in the Spanish language that says, " los flojos trabajan do…FerminDes Moines area community college
My story may seem to some as petty and non-inspiring but to me it has made me a much…LandonBelton-Honea Path High School
I was one of those little girls who grew up imitating my mother’s every move. I love…OliviaMcKinney Boyd HS
I sit at the piano, fingers flying over the almost slippery black and white keys…JelenaWestmont High School
The best way to fight adversity is with resilience. Being an African-American, femal…AshleiThe Florida State University
Since youth, I have been in love with the game of football. The complexity of the g…MasonRiverside Academy
Growing up in a lower income community really influences the outcome of college invo…JustinMacArthur highschool
The Day I Won the Race
They said I could not do it; said I should not try.
I w…
NicoleIndiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne
For a long time, I prayed and practiced a faith that stripped away my belief in myse…Mahkai Duke Ellington School of the Arts
My sister is mentally challenged and is clearly far behind in school. When I was in …JamieSterling High School
I could never forget my first failing grade in high school and how it inspire me to …MingThomas Kelly High School
Hot, humid weather facilitates drowsiness and lack of productivity. Living in Florid…AileenInternational Baccalaureate at Bartow High School
Having studied ballet for 13 years, I have gained a sense of joy, discipline, and ab…TianaBlacksburg High School
I attended a very small high school with twenty-four people in my graduating class. …CarleeMaryville University of Saint Louis
Being a black woman in the United States is not easy, especially when your parents i…DoniqueUniversity of South Florida
Ever since I was a young girl, education has always played a main role in my …ElsaWestfield High School
My last semester at my two-year community college I had a class in which I was stru…KelsieUniversity of Kansas
Day in and day out, I was often surrounded by the tangible feeling of tension in the…SaifWilliam P. Clements High School
As we stepped onto the practice field last summer, with the smell of freshly-cut gra…KyleWall High School
Nine years ago, my family and I moved to the United States not knowing a singl…Fatma Lincoln High School
Growing up, I never had a clear idea of what the word “Father” meant. For years my m…JiaweiThomas Kelly High School
Ever since I was a little girl, school has been my top priority. To most people scho…TroniyaCedar Shoals High School
In the beginning of my high school life I was affected with an event where my sister…RaymondWestfield High School
Hello, my name is Sherrybine Accime. I was born on September 11, 1998 in Southwest F…sherrybinenorth port high school
The biggest failure I have experienced was Pre-Calculus during my junior year. Math …BrayleeCentral High School
There were tears of frustration in my mother's eyes.
"What do you mean sh…
NatalieUniversity of California; Davis
Adversity is part of life; it is how we deal with those problems that make us who we…Emily University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
I've always had trouble talking in front of people, even friends or classmates. …EashaanVista Del Lago High School

Ugh, I’ll never make it at this rate, I think. Angrily, I pick up th…
CarsonUniversity of Pittsburgh
Recently I started a website called, I believe if I keep writing re…ElizabethChandler-Gilbert Community College
Growing up with 2 older brothers an older sister and 2 younger brothers had its up&#…AbelTyler Junior College
I am from a single parent home, living off one income. My mom is a college graduated…JacquesRidgeway High School
By far, planning the payment of the expenses of college have been one of my biggest …AlexisJacksomville High School
As a little girl, i always found myself helping people. i enjoyed seeing the smiles …kaylanLithonia High School
I am a firm believer in the importance and vitality of preperation when going into s…JoelMt Lebanon High School
The financial situation of my family made a high ACT score and a phenomenal GPA …ErikaAlWood Middle High School
In late August, the Great Flood of 2016 had just happened, however I was fortunate b…KelseyMcKinley Senior High School
My dream is to become an elementary school teacher so that I can help young students…VictoriaHuntley High School
I earned by undergraduate degree in Financial Economics and Business in 2013 from Wi…VictoriaUniversity of Northern Iowa
For whom it may concern my name is Jacob Valencia and I am applying for this scholar…Jacob Business Careers High School
I've always worked hard and have tried to do what is best for me. In the summer …SandraEast Central High School
My main passion in life is to help children and teenagers start their journey to los…ValeriaDallas Christian School
When I was 15 years old, my brother gave me a book called The Alchemist by Paulo Coe…aaronSanta Ana College Nursing
Since the beginning of high school I have had an ardent passion for computer science…nicolasmoorestown friends
Often times, when I was still in high school I would always leave things to the last…MariannaUniversity of California Merced
About four years ago my family and I moved from a tiny town in Illinois to the subur…RachaelPrimavera Online High School
It’s 5 AM—better get up! What do I have today? Today I have to be at school by 7 AM …LukeRapid City Christian School
In today’s society there are lot of expectations leveled at teenagers, such as grad…ediriPrince George's community college
The scariest part was that he had no return date. Why was my dad being pried from hi…HectorBrooklyn Technical
Unlike many students who use summer break to relax, have fun, or go out I would spen…SalvadorCalifornia State University, Long Beach
My personal experience began through the artistic means of the musical being produce…DeclanElkhorn Area High School
I always knew that I wanted to be a veterinarian, but I didn't have the funding …Rosemariecedar valley college
Basketball has been in my life for as long as I can remember. Since I was a chi…JacobIllinois Institute of Technology
When I started my sophomore year of college my GPA was so low. It was at a 1.9 and I…CourtneyWest Chester University
Since then, I take my first step down the runway, my breath accelerates. Keepin…Samantha The Maine Girls Academy
Sometimes making a decision can be harder than manually graphing a fractal because t…AdalbertoG Holmes Braddock

Adversity will strike in every direction in life. Whether you choose to move…
NamCarl Wunsche Sr Highschool
“Could have been—should have been”—these are the words too many students hear. Howe…SamirJ F Webb High School
My hands were tied up in cold, metal handcuffs and I couldn’t move a muscle. The an…JoseHarry's Truman High School
I was born in Mexico, but moved to Arizona when I was 2. But my step-dad decided to …Victoria Thurston High School
My old goal in life was to quickly get out of school but as I grew older I wanted to…Teakona Humble high school
I had to learn to manage my time to accomplish my goal. As a High School student It&…San Juana MacArthur Senior High School
My family and I had difficulty with maintaining shelter and employment. After giving…Caira Henry Ford Community College
“To make your dreams come true, climb so high up in the clouds, you don’t hear the w…LateefatDr Henry A Wise Jr High School
The first people that remind me of when I saw a work inspiration is my parents. They…PanharbodhLynn English High School
My name is Samuel and I come from a family of nine. As one can imagine, getting an e…Samuelcamptonville academy
As a Latina, I've always felt the need to work ahead to accomplish my dreams. Le…AlondraNOTRE DAME
“I’m going to be an artist,” says five-year-old me.
“I’m going to be an artist,”…
Alyssa Citrus College
I am a big fan of music. I have always been around it. We would have a radio in the …Juwan Carl Wunsche Sr. High School
Education has been a highly valued priority in my home. The way both of m…BlissGlendora High School
As a kid I always wanted to help people physically, mentally, and emotionally. I lov…AmberJones County Junior College
To whom it may concern, my name is Troy Collins and this is my story. I was diagnose…Troy Citrus Community College
Being able to participate in the Junior Achievement/ Hartford Business Symposiu…D'LexisBusiness Careers
Growing up as the last-born and only first-generation child in my Nigerian immigrant…OreoluwaMansfield Timberview High School
Everyone in the room was at least four years older than I was. I stepped in timidly,…GraceGlendale Community College
Growing up, I remember sitting on the carpet listening to my third grade teacher tel…CynthiaCosumnes Oaks
In high school I had been depressed. I did not know how to be myself. I never kne…JackyPasadena City College
Introducing Daniela A. Hopper, Growing up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Growing a…DanielaRogue Community College
Towards the end of my tenth grade year, I had taken the practice ACT test for the fi…AlexusRenaissance High School
How am I going to do this band thing? I was in the band in middle school but didn’t…MatthewOson Hill High School
Each year, preparations for the Rodeo Art Auction begin in late November, starting w…SarahSeven Lakes High School
One goal that I have had since I was little was to make the varsity soccer team at m…VictoriaPark Hill High School
This past winter I began training for the 2017 Boston Marathon. As a 19-year-old in …MadisonMiami University
How to overcome a problem to make your goal come true

When we want to put a g…
DomenicaTascosa High School
I am who I am because of the struggles that I have overcome through my developing ye…Rebecca AnnieHerbert Hoover High School
+This account of the time that I put work in ahead of time to achieve a specific goa…EverettUniversity of Central Florida
I've learned so many things in my time both in and out of school and one of the …JennefferSanta Ana College
My most recent mountain was trying to get a 4.0 this semester. I am a returning stud…PaolaAnne Arundel Community College
Time is a four letter word. This can be a major restriction to people seeking anothe…AdamBridge Valley
It all started when my grandmother was diagnosed with an emphysema and multiple illn…Adela Cox Mill High School
There’s a fantasy that goes along with college, or at least one I subscribed to. It’…BrennaUniversity of Minnesota
I began community college right after high school. I always wanted to go into nursin…KarissaLamar Community College
I have had a life filled with a lot of ups and downs over the years. I lost my …IvaroseUniversity of Pheonix
The work I put n help e overco to be more smarter . I learned more languages that he…AbdullahNew vision high school
I started my gymnastics career when I was 4 years old, I preformed the rigorous spo…Victoria Earl Warren High School
I have always wanted to be a Registered Nurse just like my Aunt Lynda. I have always…Abigail `Granger High School
With the many obstacles that I have faced in my life, I have achieved so much in the…ShawniceBayless High School
My life completely changed after I failed one test that I never knew would have such…VictoriaSan Gabriel High School
Cheerleading has always been a big part of my life. I have done it since I was 6 yea…DariannaSpringfield College
The work ive put in ahead of time has helped me to become Lpn first and trying to be…EricaHerzing University Birmingham Alabama
When you're a senior in my highscool, you spend the last four months creating an…PamelaInstituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey
I was an outdoor child... football, basketball, and baseball filled my days. Of the …BrandonElyria Catholic
A Show and a Piano.

March 2015. I was a junior at Sunrise Mountain at the tim…
ArthurSunrise Mountain High School
My name is Eduardo Servin, and I thrive for success, but sadly is held back. The rea…EduardoTexas Tech University
I was always good in math, well until Pre- Cal decided to ruin my life. In August, 2…SarinaAmarillo High School
When I was little, sometime before kindergarten, I had trouble with numbers. I was l…AubreyGoose Creek High School
Simply looking at me, you may believe I'm just a typical small town girl. Little…JanikaNorth Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
The day I was declared cancer free was the day I promised myself I would try and mak…KimberlyUniversity Of Central Florida
Sameer Virani
Since I was a kid, I have always wanted to be successful. I often w…
SameerEllison High school
Arthur Ashe once said, “One important key to success is self-confidence. An importa…CatherineSherman High School
My challenge and goal is to graduate in the class of 2020 and begin my career as an …JamesEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical University
I am a Puerto Rican who has lived in what most people would call “the ghetto” for th…YariseliEdgewater High School
When I was 9 years old my parents explained to me that my uncle’s heart was failing,…NathanDSST Green Valley Ranch High School
It was March 28, 2015. That was the day I had waited over five years for. That was t…ChristinaGeorgia State University
Mahatma Gandhi once said, "The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in…StacyDiscovery High School
“You’re too young to understand”‒a phrase I heard much too often as a child, too…EstherThe Bronx High School of Science
Everyone gets identified in a specific way, before highschool I was just another “in…NandinibenVista Ridge High School
I'm not a good test taker...I never have been. I've experienced extreme anxi…EmileighGlen Rose ISD
Throughout my grade school years, it was difficult for me to function in school due …MeganRidge View High school
Mathematics. The numbers on the page stare blankly at me. They speak to me in riddle…CoralBellaire High School
Setting a goal is the first step in achievement. After all, no one has ever fulfille…JulianColumbia River High School
Graduating out of a two-year institution and high school at the same time can be an …Erick VazquezSpring Early College Academy
When I was 19 years old I decided that I needed to get my life back together after m…YenilUniversity of Phoenix
Connecting rubber soles to pavement has been an addiction of mine ever since I gave …MarkUniversity of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Every strong person has their weaknesses. Many look at me as a super star student, b…DALAYSIA ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY

The successes I have seen in my life were made possible by the makings of a sing…
JazlynSumter high school
My mother used to tuck me into bed every night with a simple saying; “As long as you…VictoriaSchool for Advanced Studies
As a child, I’ll admit, I was chubby. I ate a lot, didn’t exercise much, but I know …SophiaSun Prairie High School
I have two older brothers who are valedictorians from my high school. I was third i…MaeganTexas Tech University
My educational career started out fairly normal, but when I hit elementary school I …BradenRobert Turner College and Career High School
My track coach once taught me a thing called "Delayed Gratification." this s…JacobVentura High School
We all know that nothing worth having comes easy and that we should work hard …YasamanTascosa High School
Seventh grade was my first year that i had joined volleyball. Luckily, i made the te…Alexis Horizon High School
Education holds an utmost importance in every individual’s life, not just a…
RinaTrinity Valley community college
During my last days at North Shore Senior High I learned that my uncle, who I was li…JaelonHampton University
Scholarship Essay
My name is Christal Aamira Haynes and I will be a college senio…
Christalcalifornia baptist university
Perseverance is a perfect adjective to describe me. I grew up in a third world count…Joenn Grace KIng High School
Flying the friendly skies, making those skies even friendlier was a dream of mine fr…RebeccaRogue Community College
From the day I was born, I had nothing but doubt around me. I was born with Cerebral…christianFrederick Douglass Academy
We were hiking up bright angel trail in the Grand Canyon; I could feel myself breath…MeredithIvy Tech Community College
When I was 12 years old my brother committed suicide. Later that year my oldest br…joshuaMontgomery High School
"Nine, ten, eleven," the whole gym class counts as one of our peers does the…Alan Saint ignatius college prep
It’s pitch black, but I see her screaming in desperation. What does she want to tell…BellaMonte Vista High School
When a young plant has been transplanted from its surroundings, it undergoes change …IvyGregory-Portland High School

I always dream about becoming a nurse, travel around the United States or even …
SofiaHouston community college
Once Mahatma Gandhi said, “The best thing to find yourself is to lose yourself in t…LorenaBenito Juárez Community Academy

I have faced many struggles in my life, but instead of cracking under pressu…
HaleyModel high school
I never truly thought studying abroad was an option for someone like me. Growing up,…FrazierUniversity of South Carolina
Stammers to Speeches
Entering high school, I had embraced my identity as the quie…
Yajushi UC Berkeley
A day I will always look back fondly upon is the day I earned the rank of Eagle Scou…KylePlainfield East High School