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Additional Practice Test Questions:

We've recently created TWO EXTRA PRACTICE TESTS.

If you want to be as prepared as possible, then you owe it to yourself to get these additional practice tests. Practice makes perfect and getting the results you deserve is worth it.

These two complete practice tests come with detailed answer explanations so that you'll always know which questions you missed and why you missed them. Most test takers will make the same errors over and over again. Avoid making the same mistake twice by studying our answer explanations for any difficult questions you might face!

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Basic Math Review DVD

Does math absolutely terrify you? If so, we've got a special offer for you. For most people, math is the subject they dread most. That's only natural, as math is often the most difficult subject for students at every academic level. So we created Basic Math Review Test Preparations Secrets on DVD, for those test takers who are looking for extra help in this area.

This incredible DVD contains over two hours of math instruction and review by professionals. Our experts don't just tell you the answer; they explain how to solve the problem in everyday language, and you can actually watch as they write out every step on a whiteboard and guide you through the entire process. Basic operations, conversions, fractions, ratios, percentages, equations, inequalities, estimating, word problems, polynomials, unit conversions, and scaling, it's all on here. Principles and concepts will become crystal clear.

Basic Math Review Test Preparation Secrets on DVD is a great addition to your study materials. If you've always struggled with math, if it has been ages since your last math class, or if you simply want to make sure you've got that extra edge on test day, this is just what you need.

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